Programmable LED signs for Barber Shops and Nail Salons

Your outdoor signage or the every famous barber shop pole may bring in the customers. When you want to reach out and grab the attention of new clients, an electronic LED sign from Business LED Signs by PCWhoop is just the answer. They are bright, colorful and durable as well as easy to customize to your special of the day or week.

Run a special on men’s hair cuts today and one on manicures tomorrow. The electronic LED signs we create and design are easy to use and customized to your business focus. At Business LED Signs by PCWhoop we know what markets the best to get the most pull and we’ll work with you to create the signage you need. Make your open and close hours stand out along with your special for the day.

Put them in your store front windows or place them inside above each station. Each attendant can personalize their bright color LED sign with their name and their own special of the day. Brighten up and enhance your business with one-of-a-kind signs from Business LED Signs by PCWhoop. Its is almost a guarantee that your business will more than double once you plug in our signs.

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