Electronic LED Signs for Schools

Business LED Signs by Pcwhoop knows that schools aren’t just about getting a good education. There is the community and team spirit too and what better way to show that spirit than with an electronic LED sign? We have created some of the best used designs for schools that not only gets the message out to the campus, but the surrounding community too.
These signs are just what you need to announce school closings, school plays and programs as well as sporting events and more. Let the community know about that fund raiser and see how much walk-in traffic you’ll get ready to contribute.
The electronic LED signs that Business LED Signs by PCWhhoop designs and builds are tough too. We make them to withstand not just the various weather elements but possible vandalism too. The cabinets are sturdy and reinforced with reinforced corners that won’t twist or warp, no matter what comes at them or happens around them.
Not everyone in your community has a student in school. The electronic LED signage from Business LED Signs by Pcwhoop is one the best ways to let them know what’s going on inside your institution. More people will be willing to contribute and participate if they know what’s happening.

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